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Eurostudent Questionnaire


What is the average income of a Romanian student? What are the general characteristics of a student who receives a scholarship? What proportion of students work during their studies, and how does it affect their study experience?

These questions, along with many others, are being addressed during the extensive research conducted between May and June 2023, through the EUROSTUDENT VIII questionnaire, aiming to explore the living and study conditions of students in Romania.

EUROSTUDENT is a transnational research project primarily focused on collecting data regarding the social and economic conditions of students in Europe, covering approximately 30 countries. Students are surveyed about their living and study conditions, time allocated to educational activities, labor market situation, incomes and expenses, as well as internships and international mobility experiences. The national data is then aggregated at a European level and presented comparatively. The national implementation of the study is coordinated by the Ministry of Education (ME) through the Executive Unit for Higher Education, Research, Development, and Innovation Funding (UEFISCDI), as well as the National Center for Policies and Evaluation in Education - Education Research Unit (CNPEE-UCE).

If you are an undergraduate or master's student enrolled in a public or private university, you will receive an email invitation during this period to complete the EUROSTUDENT questionnaire. We kindly request that you do not ignore this invitation as it provides a valuable opportunity for you to make your voice heard and offer policymakers relevant information about student life in Romania!

More details about the study, as well as the results from previous waves of implementation, can be found at the following addresses:,, and