Eurostudent Questionnaire


What is the average income of a Romanian student? What are the general characteristics of a student who receives a scholarship? What proportion of students work during their studies, and how does it a...


Student Job fair


AVU students are welcomed to attend (Thursday, the 10th of September, 9.00) the student job fair. Over 30 companies will present their job offers for the university`s students. Starting at 10.00 in...


A new selection session for Erasmus mobility programmes!


The 24th of October marks the beginning of a new selection campaign for Erasmus + study mobilities! If you`d like to take part in an Erasmus programme during the second semester of this academic year...


"Aurel Vlaicu" University of Arad to host ErasmusDays


"Aurel Vlaicu" University of Arad celebrates ErasmusDays, event that has reached its 6-a edition, dedicated to the EU`s Erasmus+ programme and its accomplishments. Under the name DISCOVER ERASMUS, the...


Apply online for an ERASMUS study mobility programme!


If you want to spend your next semester studying in a foreign university, to experience student life abroad, to travel and make new friends, apply for an Erasmus programme here:


Business Exchange


LSUAV Arad will host a most stimulating project between the 4th-10th of April involving exchanges of experience across 4 cities. Business Exchange starts in Arad and carries on with 3 other studen...


AVU`s Students` League recruits!


We are eager to meet and greet our freshmen as well as to share stories about being students, about our faculties and the LSAUAV family! The coming few days you`ll find us at LSUAV stands located nea...


Mult succes în noul an universitar!


Odată cu începerea anului universitar vrem să vă urăm mult succes în tot acest proces și un an cât mai prosper și plin de reușite! Vă încurajăm să vă bucurați din plin de această frumoasă etapă din vi...